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Places to visit:

Forsvarets Flysamling / The Norwegian Armed Forces Aircraft
Collection: The Collection has 37 aircrafts, including a C-130 and a
DC-3, engines, uniforms, several aircraft model collections, flight
simulator for adults, and also one for children (6-10 years).

SAS-museet / The SAS museum: The museum has aircraft models,
uniforms, pictures, a real SAS aircraft cabin, childrens corner and
historical items from the SAS history.

Trandumskogen: World War II memorial. In the woods between the
north end of the runways. Follow the signs Trandumskogen. Memorial
and a path between the sites where the graves were found.
Sogna: Crash site for a RAF Short Stirling, May 10th 1945, killing 20
British and Australian soldiers. Park at opposite side of E16 at the
South end of the western rw. Follow a marked path. Memorial and
some small remains of the aircraft. Marked area where the graves
were. Rather hilly terrain. There is also a memorial at the Norwegian
Armed Forces Aircraft Collection. (Forsvarets Flysamling).

Useful pages:

118.300 MHz, TWR West. 120.100 MHz, TWR East.
121.600 MHz, Ground West. 121.900 MHz, Ground East.
121.675 MHz, Clearance.

Places for plane spotting at OSL ENGM Gardermoen:
Take the E6 from Oslo, then follow the signs towards the E16
Nannestad. In a roundabout near a Circle K station the E16 meet the
road to Sand and the road to OSL.

 Runway 01L/19R, West:

1. South/east end 01L: Drive left from the roundabout towards the
Cirkle K station. Near a grey building on your right side is a nice place
to watch the planes de-icing during winter.

2. South end 01L: Follow the E16 towards Nannestad, and stop at the
end of the rw. You can stand on either side of the road. Park your car
at the parking place at Ravinevegen near Scandic Hotel.

3. Flysamlingen, south/west end 01L: Continue towards Nannestad,
turn right at the first roundabout towards Forsvarets Flysamling. Drive
to the back of the museum. Bus stop: Lilleplassen, walk to the fence.

4. GA-terminalen: Continue along the E16, turn right (2. roundabout
after the Aircraft collection), towards the GA-terminalen/ SAS museum.
The BizJets stop at GA. There are buses and cars in the
garages, which must not be blocked. Bus stop: SAS museet

5. SAS-museet: Drive a little further to the north. Beside the SAS
museum is a platform for plane spotting. The SAS museum also has a
roof which is open when the museum is open. Bus stop: SAS-museet.

6. The Mound, north/east end 19R: Follow the road past the SAS
museum and towards the next roundabout, right after Gardermoen
B&B. Turn right at the roundabout. Shortly after this roundabout there
is a small road to the right into the forest. Follow the road to a Tcrossing,
turn right and drive all the way along the mound and up onto
the mound. You can walk along the fence to the north end of the rw.
Bus stop: Kneppefeltet

7. The North end 19R: Drive north through Moreppen, turn right at a
crossroads towards Trandumskogen/ Militær Flystasjon. You will then
see the north end of the rw. and a little “parking place” to the right of
the rw. No bus, but you can walk along the fence from the mound.

It is NOT allowed to park cars at gate 10 to the left of the rw.
Bus: Nr.420 towards Maura or Jessheim, twice an hour each way.
To point 3 and 11 you can also use a Shuttle bus.
Remember: Cars must be parked at least 3m from the fence.

Runway 01R/19L, East:

8. The North end 19L: Drive past the north end of the western rw and
you will find the north end of the eastern rw. No bus.

9. The north/east mound 19L: Drive past the north end of the rw, and
at a bend there is a road of sorts to the right, Blikkvegen. (NB: the turn
here is risky for your car). Driving down the road you will approach
the fence, and you can walk alongside the fence. No bus.

10.The Terminal: It is possible to take pictures towards the eastern
rw. and some gates from the area in front of the terminal.

11. Flishaugen, south/west end 01R: Drive towards OSL at the Circle
K roundabout, Edvard Griegs veg. Turn right at the first roundabout,
Roald Amundsens veg, and follow the road to SAS tekniske. Turn
right down Henrik Ibsens veg, then turn left just before it ends. Drive
to the right past gate 28, and look for an opening in the bushes. You
will then find the new Flishaugen. Bus stop: SAS tekniske.

12. The South end 01R: Drive from the Circle K roundabout towards
the road to Sand, and you will find the south end of the eastern rw.
Bus stop: Lyngveien

13. Renseanlegget, south/east 01R: Continue towards Sand, then
follow the sign «Gardermoen Næringspark». Turn left towards
«Gardermoen Renseanlegg», park your car beside the road, and walk
through the wood towards the rw. It is possible to walk alongside the
fence to the northern part of the rw.
Bus stop: Gardermoen Renseanlegg

14. The north/east mound 19L: Continue towards «Gardermoen
Næringspark». Turn left at the first roundabout towards Lie, and then
left towards Moreppen/ Militær Flystasjon. After a short drive, you
will find the road to the mound at the eastern rw again. No bus.

Bus: Nr.420 towards Maura or Jessheim, twice an hour each way.
To point 3 and 11 you can also use a Shuttle bus.

Remember: Cars must be parked at least 3m from the fence.
All usage of the spotting places is at your own risk.
Thank you for keeping the area clean and tidy 


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